Blood-soaked Jon Favreau admits live-action Lion King may be too ambitious

Jon Favreau

A blood-drenched and horrifically wounded Jon Favreau has conceded that his live-action remake of the Lion King may have proven to be too ambitious a project.

The director emerged from filming an amusing musical number with an adolescent Simba bleeding heavily from the torso and clutching the remains of a hornbill.

“I guess that maybe using real live lions wasn’t too great of an idea,” said the Chef director.

“The problem is, whilst they look terrific in the camera, fully grown lions are extremely powerful and bitey.”

He continued to update excited fans on how the picture is going as blood pooled around his sneakers and paramedics desperately tried to staunch his wounds

“They also don’t take direction well, and their singing ability isn’t what we’d expect from professionals.”

Forced to sit down as dizziness through loss of blood took hold, he continued.

“We thought we could make it work by having a professional singer hiding behind the lion, you know, singing I Just Can’t Wait to be King, but that only seemed to enrage the beast.”

“I take comfort in the fact that it was over quickly. I think some of this blood may actually be his.”

As the paramedics loaded the director into an ambulance, he managed one last thought about his next film before passing out.

“Now I’m really starting to regret agreeing to do the live action Monsters Inc film.”

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